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"Yes" to Music. "No" to Frustration.

"Learning music is a very personal experience.
Once you have it, you own it for life." - Ron Gorow

Music Lessons for Youth & Adults

Learn how to play Piano or Keyboard from basic to intermediate levels. Choose from a sight-reading to playing by "ear" approaches, or combine both. Whether you are interested in playing classical piece or making pop, rock or electronic music, I will give you the right skill and knowledge.

Discover Songwriting from a practical point of view. Learn about directing emotions, how our sub-conscience reacts and more. Turn music theory into your best ally.

Interested in making music on your Mac or PC and need some knowledge upgrade? Most practical and immediately applicable Music Theory for any genre. Tips on sound design and mixing. Arrangement, keyboarding and even orchestration skills. Welcome to my Music Production bootcamp!

FREE Orientation to answer all your possible questions. No obligations. Come over for a friendly chat.

Students' Graduation Projects

Music Instructor

Music Instructor

"Music for me is about matching the vibrations I feel from outward events, places, feelings and emotions with the corresponding internal music that rises from within my soul. The music is in effect a reflective inner mirror where people can listen and then look deep within."

Serge Chubinsky-Orlov is a composer, producer and music instructor. His work has been featured on Canadian, American, Norwegian and German TV and Radio networks. Serge has scored multiple documentaries on environmental and social issues as well as several feature films.